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Document Cameras offer Eco Solution

Although our site is dedicated mainly to projectors, and this blog focuses mostly on classroom projectors, we would be remiss if we did not include information on document cameras --especially due to the large number of site visitors who are involved in education or training. I started thinking about document cameras this morning after I forked over nearly $90 for replacement ink cartridges for my printer. Stewing over the expense got me on a train of thinking that led to my local school district, the budget cuts and how this technology can help schools save a dramatic amount of money on paper and photocopying.

Document cameras, also less commonly known as visual presenters digital visualizers, docucams and digital overheads, are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience. The best thing about a document camera is that it is quick and easy, making it likely the best way for a newcomer to classroom technology to introduce it into the classroom environment. Aside from the benefits to visual and hands-on learners alike, a document camera can be used to impact copying expenses. For example, rather than creating 60 copies of an exam which uses significant ink and paper, a teacher could simply place the exam on the document camera and allow the students to pull out their own neotebook paper. Better yet, if they use a clicker response system they won't even need any paper at all.