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Pico Projectors on a Mission

Once again I am happy to report on the successful use of pico projectors as teaching tools. In this case, Optoma pico projectors are one component of a custom built backpack from Renew World Outreach, a company that provides teaching tools to missionaries in the field. Co founder David Palusky utilized his engineering prowess to create these AV kits which contain compact equipment that can run off of solar powered batteries.

Inside a custom backpack are a marine grade loundspeaker, a DVD player, an Optoma pico projector (PK201), and mic and audio mider/amplifiers. The total weight is 45lbs.According to Palusky, one of the most important developments in his work has been the advent of the pico projector.

I was reminded of an earlier post where we took a look at the work of another organization utilizing pico projectors for teaching in remote places. Although first introduced more than two years ago, the pico explosion has begun. Even the most hard core projector experts are taking note,. For more information on the development of pico projectors and where they are headed, read our overview . To see the pico projectors our site visitors search for the most, take a look at the Top Ten Pico Projector list.

Comments (1)
Dan McIntyre Posted Jul 22, 2011 8:51 PM PST
I am teaching in Tanzania and interested in portable pico projectors for village schools. The Optoma PT100 PlayTime LED Gaming Projector is an interesting option for $179 that is 50 lumens and has a 1.5 W speaker. I am collecting content that can then be played from a laptop computer. The projector is a 12V input which is a good option for rechargeable batteries in villages without electricity. Are there other projectors like this for low cost options with at least 50 lumens?
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