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Raising the Banner for AV Efficiency

It was announced today that Casio America and Crestron Electronics have partnered so that users will have with help desk management, remote monitoring, and control of networked AV devices.

As partners, Casio is able to include Crestron's RoomView Connected software in their USB and LAN capable projectors making them compatible with Crestron's RoomView Express.

This news will be of particular interest to AV managers and IT professionals across multiple industries but especially those in higher education. RoomView generates reports on resource usage and maintenance which will drive efficiency and lower energy usage. A projector's compatibility with RoomView Express means professional AV managers will be able to control up to 25 devices with a point-and-click interface from any room.

I think this partnership is a good sign that manufacturers are recognizing just how critical it has become that large organizations successfully manage their networks. Since everyone's feeling the squeeze they are raising the banner for efficiency.