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Panasonic Projectors Focus on Saving Energy

I was just reading about Pansonic’s new PT-FW430 Series projectors. Its re-engineered lamps give users up to 6,000 hours of life and can also be used in Panasonic’s PT-FW300, PT-FW200, and PT-FW100 Series projectors. This move should get the attention of IT departments under pressure to cut back on parts inventory. Additionally, Panasonic designed the projector so that it can stay mounted during a lamp change.

Combined with its dust resistant sealed design and and the Eco Filter it appears as though the Panasonic engineering team has heeded the call of companies and educational institutions worldwide who demand a new kind of efficiency across the board.
For full projector specs check out our page on this projector—you’ll also get to see the street price as the MSRP is $3999. To see if other manufacturers are designing similar projectors see how their features compare by using the Compare Projectors utility.