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Two New Epson Projectors for Education and Business

Budget conscious businesses and universities will soon take note of two new projectors announced by Epson last week. The PowerLite 1880 and 1850W (W denoting widescreen) are bright, lower cost portables that still offer advanced functionality. Unfortunately, determining the value of that functionality it is not always easy for every projector shopper as user applications vary so widely.

The Powelite 1880 is an XGA 4000 lumens bright projector, and the 1850W is rated at 3700 lumens but is WXGA for presenters using wide notebooks, tablets and video. Both projectors have been designed with features to ensure a flexible setup like Easy-Slide horizontal keystone adjustment. The benefit of this feature is that it will square the image for the user who has placed the projector off center. The value in it is that it gives institutions much more flexibility when sharing the device between multiple rooms.

These projectors also come with a wide array of connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, Plug’n Play and PC free slideshows. USB plug’n Play is a feature that allows a user to instantly transmit image and audio directly from the PC and also controls the entire presentation from the PC. This is intended to help the user avoid the inevitable hassle with cables. Additionally, the PC-free slideshow capability means a user can share a presentation or photo images directly from a thumb drive and leave the computer at home.

Advanced networking with wired LAN connectivity is a feature that appeals greatly to IT managers who want remote monitoring and control and the ability to send content over the IP and broadcast messages. Crestron Room Wiew compatibility can be desirable as it is a popular multi-user resource management program.

We will look into reviewing one of these projectors due for release in September. In the meantime, become familiar with our Feature Search utility. There you can check off all the attributes you’d like to see in all the projectors on the market and the Projector Central system will deliver all the projectors manufacturered that meet those specifications. From there you can compare on price and suitability for your application.