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Could the Apple Pico Projector Rumors be True?

There is just too much talk out there to ignore that Apple could be moving in the direction of embedding pico projectors in their phones, tablets and possibly as an accessory for their notebooks in order to enable sharing content between users.

Accoding to multiple sources including Cnet, a new patent application filed by Apple describes a system for projecting the contents of a screen onto a neaby surface and combining multiple projectors from any number of devices to create what they’ve named the “shared workspace.” Of note is the now substantiated rumor that Apple is indeed the domain owner of

For those of us present at the dawn of the pico projector, the possibility that Apple would enter the realm is truly exciting news for as we all know, Apple has a long history of taking a basic idea and integrating it with something else to create a patentable device. As one esteemed technology publisher expressed to me, if they do it well, and chances are they won’t do it if they can’t do it well, it will do a world of good for picos.

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