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If the InFocus Mondopad Were a Woman, He'd Marry it

One of the highlights of my CES experience last month was a visit to the InFocus suite. There I got a sneak peek at products that reaffirmed my belief in this Northwest pioneer of the industry. Of specific interest on this visit, however, was not a projector but the Mondopad. As my regular readers will attest to, I’ve been ranting about the superfluous nature of pricey interactive whiteboards for a couple of years now—ever since Epson released its first interactive projector. The Mondopad takes that rant to new heights as it puts a lot of other classroom technology tools in the hot seat and positions itself to be the new brain center of any wired classroom replacing white boards, PCs, touch panels, cameras, and video conferencing units

Think of the Mondopad as a giant tablet (a 55 inch one to be exact). It is a PC running the latest version of Windows and serving as the interactive whiteboard you no longer need. Add to it a high definition 720p camera and microphone and you have a mutitouch interface that will change the way people interact with information. It is so natural, and so intuitive that it reminds me of how mesmerized I was as a kid far too many years ago when the TV weatherman used to sweep his hand over the map of California to bring up icons of snow rain or sun. He became part of the story –a natural extension of the information he was providing.

Here is clip of a happy user- a senior multimedia specialist in higher education who says he’d marry the Mondopad if it were a woman. Once you get over the creepiness of that statement you realize that he has profound affection for its ability to be the ultimate companion—easy on the eyes, easy to read, and a great reflection on him.