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Epson Announces PowerLite X15 Classroom Projector

It really does sound like quite a bang for the buck in the realm of classroom projectors. Last week, Epson announced the launch of its PowerLite X15 classroom projector with 3000 lumens of brightness and several convenient setup and operation features for the classroom not least of which are HDMI connectivity and "EasySlide" keystone correction technology.

HDMI connectivity lets a teacher project high-quality audio and video onto the screen from a device such as a video camera and EasySlide is an intuitive horizontal keystone adjustment slide control bar that allows teachers to place the projector off-center to make horizontal image adjustments. You can read more about the particulars here , and compare the features of this projector to similar models from other manufacturers by using our Compare Projectors utility. The Epson X15 has a list price of $599. Click here to read the full spec information and research street prices.
(03/26/19 - 11:50 AM PST)
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