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Feature Search for Classsroom Projectors

I think we at Projector Central need to learn to toot our horn a bit better. I was talking with someone who makes a living selling projection systems and was shocked to learn that he had no idea about our "Feature Search" tool. When I showed it to him, he rolled his eyes and lamented the number of weeks he’d spent working on a project comparing projectors that could have been handled with a few clicks on our site.more

They're Blaming the Technology Again

I read an article in the Tacoma News Tribune today because I was fascinated by the assertion in the headline "Test of middle-school students shows learning, iPods don't mix.”

Washington teacher Andrew Milton, a teacher in DuPont, not too far from where I live, decided he would see what happen when he added electronic distractions to an 8th grade class already wrought with distractions typical of any middle school class.more

Interactive Projectors Part Deux

I am predicting that interactive whiteboard company executives the world over are sweating profusely right about now. When you read Marc Davidson's review of the new 3M "Simply Interactive" projector module, you'll begin to understand why.more

Blended Learning Experiment in the Bronx

The Wall Street Journal today reported on some interesting experimentation in the fourth grade at PS 100 in the Bronx. For two hours of every school day, students are engaged in instruction via laptops thus creating a kind of “blended learning” that could easily transform the way children are taught in our public schools. The idea is that some of the computer programs and classroom technology allow children to learn at their own pace giving the teacher the opportunity to offer more individualized instruction to more students through the course of the day. The Department of Education is lending a lot of financial support to the implementation of such experiments across the country in its drive toward the 21st Century Classroom ideal.more

The Best Education Available

By now, everyone knows about Bill Gates’ prognostication given this past August at the Techonomy conference: "In five years the best education available to anyone will be provided via the World Wide Web." This statement caused an uproar in some circles. Even though many think it could happen sooner, I think Mr. Gates may have been inspired by the graduating class of 2010. They are the first group of individuals who, as Beloit College aptly noted “grown up with a mouse in one hand and a computer screen as part of their worldview.” The so called digital youth will rapidly move forward into positions where they can usher in the change.more