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Video Gaming is not a Crime

I just had to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the Cub Scouts decision to offer a merit pin for video gaming. I chuckled out loud when I saw it was a CNN headline and even louder when I saw the responses from readers--most of which were horrified. I just noted the parallels to debates in the world of 21st Century Skills and the 21st Century classroom and the polarizing affect technology has between those for whom its use is as much a part of their existence as getting dressed in the morning, and those with much less techno savvy and far more opinions about the lost youth of the upcoming generation.more

Wan2tlk About Poetry?

I thought I’d tag this on to my last blog post about the cultural divide between so called “digital natives”(our current generation of students) and the digital immigrants (their teachers). Many educators don’t necessarily accept the idea that in the so called 21st Century Classroom where all technology, even which previously considered taboo should be should be incorporated into the curriculum.more

The Technology Cultural Divide

I’ve been looking quite a bit into the technology cultural divide after reading a short but good article in e School News. It caught my eye because it cited the cold hard truth which is that our current generation of students has been irrevocably changed by the fact that it represents the first generation to have grown up completely surrounded by computers, video games, projectors, whiteboards, iPods, cell phones and video cameras. The very way they process information is fundamentally different thanks to their use of Facebook, Skype and text messaging among other mediums.more

3D Lessons in Compassion

The Connecticut legislature is considering a bill that would allow students to opt out of dissections during biology class. It was spurred by a vegetarian animal loving student who rejected the notion on moral grounds that it was acceptable to study life systems by cutting up a dead animal. The student herself cited the cruelties of the meat industry which provides the fetal pigs for dissection from the pregnant pigs they slaughter for meat.

Thirteen states currently have policies that allow students to use alternatives to dissection. I anticipate there will be many more that follow suit because there is an increasing awareness of the moral implications of dissection and animal testing.more

Classroom Technology Yay Nay or Maybe

It is fascinating for me to watch the myriad ways teachers are incorporating various forms of technology into their daily lessons, as well as to hear the reasoning behind those who maintain a more conservative approach.more