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A close-up wide angled but abridged look at projectors and other classroom technology, product reviews and releases, tradeshows, debates and conspiracy theories as well as humble observations on schools and screens.

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A Mind that Works Like Google Images

The first time I read “Thinking in Pictures” by Dr. Temple Grandin, I realized that her experience and her campaign to share her personal story as a woman with Autism has come at a deeply critical time—when parents and educators are struggling to reach and teach the rapidly rising numbers of children diagnosed with Austim Spectrum Disorder. It was a catchphrase from her TED lecture that stopped me dead in my tracks. She said “My mind works like Google Images.”more

Life Skills: Brought to you by Facebook

I just deactivated my son’s Facebook account. I did it for a multitude of reasons not least of which is the distraction factor. It is ironic because I was actually the person who set it up for him thinking he’d be able to help himself remain a known entity among the kids with whom he’d attend high school next year after having left the school district for 8th grade. Perhaps I should have encouraged him to play soccer instead. I read somewhere that for this generation of children, to share means to exist.more