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Haiku Deck and Presentation Creation

Haiku Deck is an iPad app that deserves some attention because of the noble mission of its creators. In their words on their website "We yearn for the fabled day when the words, “Let me just fire up this presentation,” ...fills an audience with eager anticipation instead of all-consuming dread." Truly, this is an app that should be installed on the iPads of any student or teacher displaying 21st Century skills in the 21st Century classroom.

Much like other such apps, Haiku Deck provides users with presentation templates--but that's where the similarities end and the revolution begins.
Haiku Deck is simple to use and the most important thing for those of us who have been subjected to viewing many a bad deck, Haiku Deck limits the amount of text per slide. Imagine that? It also helps you stay on the right side of the law by helping you search for Creative Commons licensed images to use which can be as big as your entire slide if you so choose. What's more, the software searches for relevant images based on the words you type onto the slides.

The fact not to forget in all of this is that if a presentation were all about the slides, many more of us would be rising faster in the business world. I have designed many a presentation for speakers far better than I am. People also design slides for reasons other than for presentations. The designs used for email slide sharing should look nothing like those used with live narration and an iPad projector setup. This is critical.

A good presenter needs to "dance" with his or her slides. If the audience just needs to read the slides to get the gist, the presenter is rendered mute. On the other hand, if the slides used are irrelevant (i.e. a graphic depicting arms sales profits over an image of frolicking puppies), the presenter had better be a darn good speaker because the deck, which was the crutch will have effectively been kicked out from under him.

Revel in Haiku Deck's ease of use but never forget the rules of slide creation.