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A close-up wide angled but abridged look at projectors and other classroom technology, product reviews and releases, tradeshows, debates and conspiracy theories as well as humble observations on schools and screens.

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Epson BrightLink 450Wi

IWB Exit...Stage Left

In an article earlier this week in her blog on, writer/teacher Heather Wolport Gawron addresses an issue I raised in my mind and in an earlier post of my own: Why would schools continue to spend money on a high priced interactive whiteboards (SMARTboard,Promethean or otherwise) in light of current trends and technology options?more

Interactive Whiteboards Superfluous in the Classroom?

Writer and educator Lisa Neilson, recently published an article for Techlearning, entitled "The Ten No No's of Teaching with a Projector or Interactive Whiteboard." Currently the Technology Innovation Manager for the NYC Department of Education, Ms. Neilson has seen a lot of teachers at the front of many classes all using all projectors and whiteboards. I thought she’d have an interesting take on things and I was not disappointed. The article lists nine "no no" scenarios ranging from a teacher working with her back to the class to using a classroom projector as a blackboard replacement. She gives a description of the problem, the solution to remedy it, and the advantages of applying that solution.more