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Casio Sweeptakes

I know everyone would love a chance to win a free Casio lamp free projector. This sweepstakes is only accessible via Facebook but because a classroom projector would be valuable to so many teachers out there I've decided to give it a plug. You'd actually be entering for a chance to win an Xbox console, with a Limited Edition Casio LampFree Projector, G-Shock watch & Gears of War: Judgment game. It's only on Facebook so enter here before March 31.

High School PE Online--Yes!

A huge proponent of online learning, I’m constantly debating the naysayers who insist that students who opt into blended learning programs, or even complete online programs are somehow “not yet ready for prime time.” I finally figured out that these are people of my generation who remember the “other” high school in all of our respective school districts and equate students who opt for nontraditional programs to be the equivalent of the cigarette smoking skateboarding mowhawk sporting so called “troubled” kids who could not get through the “regular” high school. This is nothing short of ridiculous and people need to tune in to some exciting developments in educationmore