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A close-up wide angled but abridged look at projectors and other classroom technology, product reviews and releases, tradeshows, debates and conspiracy theories as well as humble observations on schools and screens.

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P21-- Skimming the Surface

"Technology is core and essential to the strategies we are using to reform education." That was the message from both Jim Shelton, assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement at the United States Department of Education, and Aneesh Chopra, chief technology officer in the White House as reported in The Journal. Chopra said that technology in education is less about hardware and software and more about what we teach, the methods we use,and the support and direction we give to teachers. Chopra, according to the article, is said to be completely wired in, connected to university lectures via iPod in order to exist in a constant "learning environment.”more

Tehran Twitter

I have been called “Facebook Enthusiast” as a pejorative and “Information Junkie” as a compliment. I find it confusing that the same people in my life who excoriate social media look at me with misty eyed admiration as I describe events in Iran and offer my humble analysis. The kind of information I’ve been sharing with my offline friends, relatives and colleagues these past weeks was not the result my studies of the region or any keen insight or powers of analysis. It came from my worldwide contacts in connected social networks.more