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A close-up wide angled but abridged look at projectors and other classroom technology, product reviews and releases, tradeshows, debates and conspiracy theories as well as humble observations on schools and screens.

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iProjection-Epson's First Projection App Announced

iProjection is Epson's first projection app that will allow Epson projector users the ability display their photos and documents wirelessly. It was introduced this week at the FETC Conference in Florida and is available for free download in the iTunes App Store.more

IWB Exit...Stage Left

In an article earlier this week in her blog on, writer/teacher Heather Wolport Gawron addresses an issue I raised in my mind and in an earlier post of my own: Why would schools continue to spend money on a high priced interactive whiteboards (SMARTboard,Promethean or otherwise) in light of current trends and technology options?more

They're Blaming the Technology Again

I read an article in the Tacoma News Tribune today because I was fascinated by the assertion in the headline "Test of middle-school students shows learning, iPods don't mix.” Washington teacher Andrew Milton, a teacher in DuPont, not too far from where I live, decided he would see what happen when he added electronic distractions to an 8th grade class already wrought with distractions typical of any middle school class.more

The Best Education Available

By now, everyone knows about Bill Gates’ prognostication given this past August at the Techonomy conference: "In five years the best education available to anyone will be provided via the World Wide Web." This statement caused an uproar in some circles. Even though many think it could happen sooner, I think Mr. Gates may have been inspired by the graduating class of 2010. They are the first group of individuals who, as Beloit College aptly noted “grown up with a mouse in one hand and a computer screen as part of their worldview.” The so called digital youth will rapidly move forward into positions where they can usher in the change.more

Classroom Technology Yay Nay or Maybe

It is fascinating for me to watch the myriad ways teachers are incorporating various forms of technology into their daily lessons, as well as to hear the reasoning behind those who maintain a more conservative approach.more

It all Begins with a Lesson Plan

I’ve officially been dubbed the grant guru at my son’s school and it’s not because I am a seasoned grant writer, but rather because I’m a rabid somewhat web savvy mom on a mission to keep the dream alive and the school open. I’m unearthing the treasures buried in government and corporate web pages out there and since all of our readers have an interest in incorporating classroom technology to reach 21st Century Classroom aspirations, I thought I’d share the wealth when it makes sense.more

P21-- Skimming the Surface

"Technology is core and essential to the strategies we are using to reform education." That was the message from both Jim Shelton, assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement at the United States Department of Education, and Aneesh Chopra, chief technology officer in the White House as reported in The Journal. Chopra said that technology in education is less about hardware and software and more about what we teach, the methods we use,and the support and direction we give to teachers. Chopra, according to the article, is said to be completely wired in, connected to university lectures via iPod in order to exist in a constant "learning environment.”more

Tools of the Trade

I’ve been asking why so many were outraged by the Missouri School of Journalism listing either an iPhone or iPod Touch as a required purchase. Having spent some time in university administration in the past, my first thought was that by making the items required, the school was trying to qualify the gadgets for coverage under the Federal Student Loan Program.more

Peercasting Podcasters

A lot of the classroom technology stories that grab my attention involve middle school. A fragile time for the psyche, most of us would clearly like to permanently wipe those years from our memory. Why? It's not a good time. Nothing damages self esteem like real or perceived academic deficiencies and an acute awareness of a brutal social hierarchy all magnified by a wild ride in the fast lane of the hormonal superhighway. When limited resources require the school counselor to utter the dreaded words "peer tutor" visions of arrogant Stanford bound AP geniuses are the only things dancing in a 13 year old’s head.more