Elite ProAV, the commercial division of Elite Screens, has announced full availability of its Kestrel Tab-Tension DarkUST screens.

Elite KestrelTensionCLR MeetingRoom 800

Highlighted at last fall's CEDIA Expo, the Kestrel floor-risers use a cassette suitable for floor, table, or low-boy mounting that's equipped with motorized, scissor-back cross-spring risers to deliver the full screen height with the push of a button.

The company's DarkUST CLR (ceiling-light rejecting) material is the same as used in the the Saker Tab-Tension wall/ceiling-mounted motorized screen we reviewed in 2022 and shares similar characteristics to the premium CLR material used in Elite's Aeon CLR fixed-frame UST screens. It's a lenticular screen—ProjectorCentral's preferred type for UST applications—that features sawtooth ridges that block overhead light while reflecting UST projections from down below directly back at viewers.

Elite Kestrel lid and cassette

Although these are negative-gain screens with a rated 0.6 gain that reduces peak brightness, that's countered by the 95% rejection of ceiling light and the dark material, which results in outstanding contrast in ambient light with up to a 100x contrast enhancement compared with a matte white screen. This screen also boasts a wide, nearly-180 degree viewing angle that's suitable for large rooms with viewers sitting off-axis from the screen center. The tab-tensioned format ensures a taut, flat projection surface suitable for USTs, and the screen is bordered by black on all sides to further enhance perceived contrast.

The Kestrel Tab-Tension DarkUST screens come equipped with built-in IR and RF receivers, and they include USB-rechargeable remotes with wall-mountable cradle holders. They come plug-and-play ready, with no hardwiring required for installation beyond plugging into a wall outlet.

The Kestrel Tab-Tension DarkUST is available in a 16:9, 100-inch version as the FTE100H2-DST and is currently advertised on the Elite Screens website at $4,044, while the 120-inch version FTE120H2-DST is shwon at $5,040—though both models can be found at popular projector screen resellers at discount. Elite promotes a 5-year premium warranty and lifetime tech support via email, web-chat, or toll-free service.


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