Elite ProAV, the commercial division of Elite Screens, has introduced the the ezCinema Tab-Tension CineGrey 4D, an innovative portable ALR projection screen.

Elite CineGrey4D

Serving the niche once filled by the classic portable tripod screen, the CineGrey 4D adds two clever features, beginning with a low-profile "Floor Riser Pro" floor-resting cassette with an adjustable, telescoping support bar and pull-up screen. The rugged, extruded aluminum case offers rotating, height-adjustable foot cups that swivel out from the body to provide solid support, even on uneven floors. Additionally, a built-in tensioning mechanism on the roller can be easily adjusted for a flat and taut projection surface.

Elite FloorRiserPro CineGrey4D main slider social

Furthermore, Elite has equipped the screen with an ALR material that combats ambient light for the boardrooms, training facilities, and other lit environments where they expect the CineGrey 4D to find much of its utility. It's a 1.1 gain, angular-reflective material with a layered construction, utilizing relective and absorbent micro-particles said to eliminate up to 63% of overhead ambient light. The screen is surrounded on all sides by black masking borders, including adjustable bottom rise masking. The CineGrey 4 material is also validated for color accuracy with ISF Certification. As an angular-reflective screen, it's suitable for standard long-throw projectors and is not compatible with ultra-short throw models.

Elite FloorRiserPro CineGrey4D Closed

The ezCinema Tab-Tension CineGrey 4D comes in a black case with integrated carry handles and ships with a travel bag. It is available in two 16:9 sizes, with the 113-inch diagonal model priced at $925 MSRP/$735 street, and a 121-inch version at $1,125 MSRP/$840 street.


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