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ELMO BOXi MP-350 Portable LED 1280x800 Projector

Ease of Use
Intended Use:
Mobile Presentation
Elmo BOXi MP-350 Projector Elmo BOXi MP-350
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10000:1 Contrast Ratio
300 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

If you haven't heard of ELMO projectors, it's probably because the company has focused on the education market. ELMO is now breaking out of that box, with the ironically named BOXi MP-350.

ELMO calls the BOXi MP-350 a mobile projector. Rated at 300 lumens, it weighs only 1.1 pounds without its power block and is smaller than a typical New York deli sandwich. That makes it light enough to keep in your briefcase, where it's handy for an impromptu PowerPoint presentation you didn't know you'd be giving, or store on a shelf at home, where you can grab it to show photos or watch a movie in whatever room happens to be available.

As is typical for 300-lumen projectors, the BOXi MP-350 is built around a 1280x800 DLP chip and an LED light source. It stands out from the crowd, however, thanks to an eye-catching design, with curved edges and a white case set off by silver and black for the trim and controls. It also delivers more than acceptable image quality and the welcome convenience of being easier to focus than much of the competition. If you need a highly portable projector, it's certainly worth a look, at a minimum advertised price of $599.99.

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