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Epson Home Cinema 5040UB Projector Epson Home Cinema 5040UB
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2500 Lumens
Full HD 3D
$2,374 Street Price
$2,299 MSRP

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB

M. David Stone, April 21, 2017


4K Enhancement vs. Frame Interpolation and Noise Reduction. The 5040UB doesn't let you use 4K enhancement and FI at the same time. With a 2160p input signal, which turns on 4K Enhancement automatically, you can't use noise reduction either. However, you can use both Noise Reduction features if the signal is 1080p and you turn on 4K-Enhancement manually.

No Point in Fast Mode. The usual reason for having Fine and Fast mode is that Fine mode offer better picture quality, while Fast mode cuts down on input lag. With the 5040UB, Fine mode will give you better quality but Fast mode doesn't change the input lag. We see no reason to use it.

HDR Compatibility. HDR signals differ in frame rate, bit depth, and chroma sub-sampling. The 5040UB isn't compatible with all combinations, which means it's compatible with some, but not all, HDR sources. We discuss these issues in more detail in our HDR compatibility survey.

Auto Iris. The Normal mode for the Auto Iris works fine, but High Speed has problems switching from a black screen or dark scene to an image with much higher average brightness. The iris can often take a full second to adjust and does the adjustment in two or three increments. You can avoid this issue by setting the Auto Iris to Off or Normal.


At $2,699, the Epson Home Cinema 5040UB occupies a unique position in today's market, delivering image quality that rivals far more expensive native 4K models for not much more than the price of a top quality, standard 1080p model. Beyond the image quality and 4K compatibility, it is far brighter than expected based on the 2500 ANSI lumen rating, which gives it some additional versatility for use in ambient light (think Super Bowl parties) that most home theater projectors don't have.

Though it gets much of its attention from its 4K compatibility, pixel-shift technology, HDR, and wide color gamut, its performance on conventional parameters such as contrast and a stellar 93% brightness uniformity make it outstanding even among conventional 1080p projectors. Beyond this, one of the most compelling features is its automated Lens Memory -- essential for CIH installation without an A-lens if you are interested in that option.

In the end this is a highly unique set of features that exists nowhere else in this price range. The only other models under $3,000 that have both 4K-enhancement and powered Lens Memory are the Epson 5040UBe, which is a wireless version of the 5040UB, and the Epson Pro 4040. Due to outstanding performance and an impressive array of features, ProjectorCentral is pleased to give the Epson Home Cinema 5040UB our top honor, the Editor's Choice Award.

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Comments (5) Post a Comment
Peter Posted Oct 4, 2017 8:22 AM PST
Very interesting review and impressive projector for the price. I am considering replacing my Panasonic AE4000u with the Epson 5040UB as a result of the great reviews it's gotten and the higher lumen output, not to mention the 4K Enhancement technology. It would have been of additional interest to comment on the 5040UB's black levels and how good/bad they are compared to other projectors, especially since based on your tests the 5040UB seems to put out higher lumens than is actually stated in its specs. Otherwise, I am looking forward to purchasing this projector real soon.
Duane Adam Posted Nov 1, 2017 10:08 AM PST
Had I not owned a JVC I would have thought the Epson blacks were superb. They're not as good as the best of the best, but they're very good and quite acceptable.

I am confused by the comments here and elsewhere on this site regarding fan noise being not noticeable. I don't know if I have a bad fan or I'm just more critical but mine is very noticeable even in eco mode. It also seems to wander so the pitch changes making it harder to get used to. Appreciate hearing comments from anyone else owning this projector.
Tyler Posted Dec 23, 2018 9:22 AM PST
I have read a lot of reviews stating the projector is great, but the power is consistently failing. The units suddenly refuse to come on at all. Are you aware of this issue, and do you know if it's been fixed? I was ready to buy but now am hesitant. Thanks!
Rob Sabin, Editor Posted Dec 23, 2018 11:07 AM PST
Tyler, I'm aware of this issue and recently reached out to Epson about it. The same issue applied to what appears to be a smaller number of HC 4000 samples as well, if you read the reviews on Amazon. Epson's official response to my query is below.

"Epson has identified and addressed an issue in select projector models that may cause a small percentage of units to not power on. The issue has already been addressed in models shipping from Epson, but there is a possibility of a small fraction of units still in channel inventory that may be affected. Epson places the highest priority on product quality and customer satisfaction. For customers in need of a replacement unit, please contact Epson customer support at 1-800-788-0336. We will handle each occurrence on a case-by-case basis consistent with our warranty."

One thing I would add is that, given that Epson had a significant number of product failures on this chassis that they had to deal with after the fact, we can probably feel confident that the new updated models built on the same chassis -- the HC 4010 and the successor to the HC 5040 that is currently expected soon -- will not suffer the same issues.
Dan Lindberg Posted Apr 15, 2019 11:58 PM PST
Yeah...I’m going onto my third replacement, warranty ends in 2 months for the 5040ub. Wish I kept my 5030 as the one I bought is still running strong and like new and never have needed a replacement.

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