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EPSON PowerLite Cinema 550

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Epson PowerLite Cinema 550 Projector Epson PowerLite Cinema 550
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3000:1 Contrast Ratio
1400 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

Over the years Epson has established itself as a leading manufacturer of LCD-based digital projectors. Its product line has always featured a wide array of business-class projectors, from very small portables to auditorium scale light cannons. Then in 2002 Epson entered the home theater market with the TW100, which was historically noteworthy as the first of the 720p resolution LCD projectors. Until now, Epson has never gained market share numbers in home theater to match its success in the commercial markets. But with the recent release of the aggressively priced Powerlite Cinema 550, and the more fully featured Powerlite Pro Cinema 800, that may be about to change. The Cinema 800 is not yet available, but our first look at the Cinema 550 suggests to us that the folks at Epson are determined to make the home theater market another one of their success stories.

Product Overview

Specifications. 1400 ANSI lumens, 3000:1 contrast, native 16:9 widescreen format, 1280x720 resolution 3x LCD panels.

Compatibility. HDTV 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i. Full NTSC / PAL / SECAM.

Lens and Throw Distance. 1.50:1 manual zoom/focus lens. Throws a 100" diagonal image from a distance of 9.9 to 14.8 feet.

Lamp Life. 1,700 hours in high-brightness modes, 3,000 hours in low brightness modes.

Connection Panel. One composite video, one S-Video, one set of YPbPr component inputs, one D4 connector, one 15-pin VGA connector, one HDMI connector, an RS-232C port and a 12V trigger.

Installation Options. Table mount, rear shelf mount, ceiling mount.

Warranty. Two years.

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