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Epson Powerlite 915W Classroom and Conference Projector

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Epson PowerLite 915W Projector Epson PowerLite 915W
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
3200 Lumens
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Products often promise the perks of certain bells and whistles, but ultimately fall short of true functionality-- just think of the hundreds of phone apps that still can't quite prevent dropped calls. This is not the case with the Epson PowerLite 915W, where function is key. This 1280x800 LCD projector combines 3200 lumens of light output with all of the features needed to excel in the classroom or the conference room. With the control panel featuring large, easy-to-read buttons, plenty of inputs, extensive networking capability, and a powerful zoom lens, the 915W is easy to use. While the published price is $1049, Epson offers an education discount that drops the price down to $799.

Applications & Best Uses

The 915W is primarily a classroom projector that is very well equipped. Its 3200 lumen output is ideal for classrooms where ambient light is a concern. Screen sizes of 80" to 100" diagonal are possible when using the projector's Dynamic mode. In rooms with less ambient light, the projector's other image modes offer better color accuracy and contrast. Even the least bright mode still produces over 1300 lumens with the lamp set to full power.

Placement flexibility is unusually extensive for this class of projector, as the 915W features a 1.6:1 manual zoom lens. Depending on zoom, this lens can project a 100" diagonal 16:10 image from 9' 9" to 15' 10", making it a good choice for classrooms where the projector will sit near the back of the room. The projector has a mild throw angle, such that the bottom edge of the image is level with the center of the lens. This throw angle works well in a ceiling mount with a small extension tube or on a tall rolling cart.

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Max Snook Posted Dec 15, 2013 3:20 PM PST
My Surface Pro 2 will not run in Presenters Mode with an Epson 915W. Any suggestions?

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