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Welcome to Projection Expo 2020! The interactive map and exhibitor list below are your entryway to 23 virtual booths from the best known projector and screen manufacturers and resellers featuring the latest commercial and home theater products. Whether you're an A/V pro or enthusiast, it's time to sit-back, relax, and start clicking. And make sure to sign up for your virtual badge — it will help you request product info as you go. Enjoy the show! — Rob Sabin, Editor-in-Chief,


Projection Expo 2020 Floor Plan

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KEY: Projectors Screens Reseller

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Note: A Badge is not requred for viewing the Expo, but is useful for communicating with exhibitors and receiving Expo updates. The Scan My Badge Tool during the Expo requires the use of browser cookies.

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- If a visitor who has created a Projection Expo Badge uses the Scan Badge feature on an Expo Exhibitor page to request information from the Exhibitor, their entire badge information will be shared with that Exhibitor. Projector Central LLC does not have any control at that point of how the Exhibitor will use that data in the future.