A New Way to Learn and Teach

It has been a challenging time reacting to a suddenly full-time remote classroom. Insights indicate that students and staff will slowly return to campus while some will maintain a partial work-from-home schedule. AVI-SPL is happy to support online learning on campus, at home, or wherever you collaborate.

While much of the focus today is on distance learning, it’s only a matter of time before students return to the classroom. Capture and hold their attention with eye-catching, immersive presentations using the new Epson Brightlink PRO 1485Fi Interactive Laser Projector. This 5,000 lumen short-throw interactive projector projects large and super-wide images, offering up to 95 percent more interactive space vs. a 75” flat panel display. Designed for easy collaboration, the 1485Fi supports PC-free whiteboarding, printing, emailing and more. Plus, it easily hosts other network-connected BrightLink projectors, allowing up to eight users to work on a single interactive canvas from multiple locations.

Managing a Remote Workforce

At AVI-SPL, we understand that the coronavirus outbreak is stressing your online learning systems, administrators, educators, and students. The educational system changed in a heartbeat. Some educators may teach occasional online classes, while others are completely unfamiliar with teaching remotely. We’re here to help you fulfill your goal of delivering quality education to all students in these uncertain times.

You need simplified solutions for your teaching staff that allow them to create and share lessons, interact and collaborate with their students. Many of the manufacturers we work with provide free online tutorials and training for their products, reducing your support time workload.

Popular Products for Education
  • Epson Brightlink Pro 1485Fi Interactive Laser Projector
  • Vaddio AV Bridge 2x1
  • BenQ RP860K 4K UHD 86'' Education Interactive Display
  • Maxell MA-LX-1Lecture Capture solutions

Workplace Transformation

Work-From-Home Essentials

While many of us know from experience the value of remote work, it has never been so essential to business continuity. And unless our home offices have the right equipment, it can be difficult to collaborate seamlessly with one another.

A proper home office setup can improve your productivity and keep you engaged in the meeting. That setup should accommodate video meetings and those times when you feel the need to move to a different part of the house to work. Today's portable, wireless presentation options with HDMI compatibility can have you up and running in a different room, connected to a different display, in only a few minutes.

Essential Gear:
  • Conference camera or dedicated quality webcam
  • Echo-cancelling portable speakerphone or headphones
  • Proper monitor setup
  • Docking stations
Work-From-Home Considerations

Standardizing on the equipment your employees require while working remote is an important consideration for IT managers. How will your team effectively provide support for products that may not be designed for corporate use? How will you maintain network security while employees work remotely? AVI-SPL is here to assist you with standardized ‘work-from-home’ kits that solve for your specific business needs.

Stand Out from the Crowd

High brightness projection and Video Walls

For truly immersive presentations, there are a few ways to handle it. In large-venue environments with good lighting control, a few well-placed high brightness projectors with some edge-blending processing will often work well. For instances where lighting is more challenging, direct-view LED video walls can make a striking impact, albeit with a slightly higher cost of installation.

NEC's PA803UL is a 8000-lumen LCD laser projector with advanced professional installation features for higher education and corporate users. The newly developed sealed optical engine creates a filter/maintenance free projector. With its multitude of digital inputs, connection to any computer or high definition device is possible. Enjoy design and installation flexibility with a complete line of optional powered lenses (lens shift, focus and zoom), tilt-free and portrait installation capabilities along with built-in edge blending and stacking. The HDBaseT input and separate HDBaseT repeater provide single connections for uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, Ethernet power and various control signals.

$10,429 Buy Now
DV-LED Video Walls

The NEC direct view indoor LED FE Series provides vibrant LED imaging in a cost-effective package and are the ideal solutions for today’s demanding applications. This 137" Full HD kit is built with NEC’s 1.58mm LED-FE015i2 module designed to deliver impressive content visualization and is ideal for viewing from 3 to 8 feet away. Boardrooms, auditoriums, retail and airport signage, situational awareness, broadcast and museums are just some of the applications where the NEC FE Series is designed to be integrated. The FE Series is engineered with Multi-Color LEDs that deliver excellent imaging at a low cost and have no external cables required for installation.

Simplify the Complex

Crestron AirMedia Presentation Systems

Provide secure wired and wireless presentation in lounges, lobbies, and open spaces, and integrates with popular calendaring platforms. Crestron’s AirMedia presentation systems are easy to deploy and manage, increases workflow, and facilitates collaboration by turning underutilized spaces into productive meeting spaces.

Crestron AirMedia technology allows for wireless presentation of content from a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device via a Wi-Fi® wireless network. AirMedia enables presentation of Full HD video at frame rates up to 30 fps. Desktop and laptop computer users can present content using downloadable client software, the AirMedia extension for Google Chrome™ browser, or Miracast™ screen mirroring technology (Windows 10 computers only). Android and iOS mobile devices can present with the AirMedia app or the Crestron PinPoint™ app. 

The AirMedia presentation system mounts invisibly behind a wall-mount display and enables wired or wireless presentation with autoswitching. Connecting a source selects that input automatically and instantly displays the source image on the display. There’s no programming required, no dongles to plug in, and no remotes to lose or batteries to replace.

Virtually maintenance-free
  • Turns underutilized open spaces and seating areas into productive meeting spaces
  • Leverages your existing Wi-Fi® wireless network for BYOD connectivity
  • Enterprise-grade security and content encryption protect privacy and ensure compliance with IT policies
  • Fully automated operation – just connect and present
  • Compact, surface-mountable form factor – hides discreetly behind the room display