• Laser Business Projectors

    The BenQ 4K LK953ST and 1080p LH710 laser-powered BlueCore projectors offer 20,000+ hours of maintenance-free operation and high brightness for commercial applications and meeting rooms.

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  • Top Selling 4K Home Theater Projectors

    The BenQ TK800M, TK850, HT3550, and HT5550 projectors are our most popular 4K projectors.

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  • NEW! BenQ TK810

    The first BenQ smart 4K HDR wireless home projector that makes it easier than ever to share stunning 4K HDR streaming content with your family and friends.

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  • NEW! BenQ GS2 Wireless LED Outdoor Projector

    makes your outdoor activities more enjoyable with a projector that provides versatile entertainment anytime, anywhere.

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  • The popular EH600 has been updated

    Launched in Sep’19 with Best of the Year award, the EH600 firmware has been updated to work with AMS (Account Management System)

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Why BenQ Cares

We care about what you need to know before your purchase

The three reasons you need a laser projector in your conference room are (1) accurate colors equal better meetings (2) more control over your meeting time and (3) long-term cost-reducing performance.

True colors evoke feelings of sorrow, joy, romance and thrills by preserving the original image. BenQ home cinema projectors embody our belief to “Convey the truest color and impart the deepest feelings to the viewer.”

Laser Business Projectors

BenQ 4K LK953ST and 1080p LH710

With the capability of generating intense BlueCore laser-powered brightness for 20,000+ hours of maintenance-free operation, both 5000 lumen short throw LK953ST and 4000 lumen regular throw LH710 harness the enduring DLP picture quality and razor-sharp 4K/1080p resolution to deliver impactful visual communication.

4K LK953ST for Commercial Applications

With HDMI out for multiple screen applications and versatile installation flexibility empowered by the horizontal and vertical lens shift features, LK953ST is tailored towards the diverse range of application scenarios in simulated exhibitions in museums or simulation trainings. By leveraging the innovative HDR technology and industry-leading BlueCore laser light source, LK953ST facilitates impactful and impressive visual display in museums or corporate environments, allowing museums or corporations to flawlessly present their exhibitions and training contents in 4K UHD resolution.


1080p LH710 for Mid/Large-size Meeting rooms

LH710 features a 92% Rec.709 color coverage, high precision lens and a certified IP5X dustproof mechanism to guarantee an ultra-high level of image quality while reducing maintenance costs. To meet the high demand for efficiency and convenience during corporate meetings, LH710 can be paired up with optional wireless devices. By equipping it with LAN control capability, LH710 also further enhances the convenience in device management for corporate IT managers.

  • IP5X certified dust-proof filter-free sealed laser engine saves costs in maintenance.
  • Best-in-class accurate Rec. 709 color reproduction as your client envisioned.
  • Long-lasting performance in picture quality and hardware durability.
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Top Selling 4K Home Theater Projectors

BenQ TK800M, TK850, HT3550, and HT5550

The TK800M takes the thrill of watching the Big Game experience to new stunning heights, giving sports fans the best seats in the house. With 8.3 million pixels of True 4K UHD HDR resolution, 3000 lumens for well-lit rooms with ambient light, and separate modes for indoor and outdoor sports, you’ll be in the middle of the action whether you’re watching the Super Bowl or the World Cup.

Even in bright rooms TK850’s huge 120" + projected 4K UHD 8.3-million-pixel picture with authentic HDR color comes through for you. It’s the perfect living room projector for binge watching your favorite streaming shows. BenQ’s Dynamic Iris driven by our Dynamic Black Technology displays incredible detail.

HT3550 projector with true 4K 8.3 million pixels can perform wide color gamut DCI-P3 is for avid film buffs that appreciate what a difference superior color performance makes in conveying a director’s exact vision. View more details in a Film’s darkest and brightest areas. Get a beautiful 100” picture from just 8.2 feet thanks to the HT3550 shorter throw projection lens and install it in your dedicated light controlled theater room.

HT5550 4K HDR projector with CinematicColor™ technology elevates your cinematic enjoyment with a genuine movie-going experience. Powered by 100% coverage of the super-wide industry standard DCI-P3 color space, HT5550 delivers precise colors and authentic emotions to perfectly preserve the director’s vision in immersive film-like cinematic experiences.

Smart Wireless 4K Home

BenQ TK810 4K HDR Wireless Smart Home Projector

The newly released TK810, the first BenQ smart 4K HDR wireless home projector, makes it easier than ever to share stunning 4K HDR streaming content with your family and friends. Super bright and stylishly compact, it immerses you in epic entertainment in any room of the house without turning lights off, with simple wired or wireless setup in seconds.

Enjoy streaming content, movies, music, and casual games directly from TK810 by installing Aptoide TV apps for endless fun without wires.

TK810’s wire-free connectivity and direct hotspot function simply work to project from mobile devices wirelessly. So sit back, relax, and start your binge stream.

TK810 can connect to external Bluetooth speakers or headphones for improved audio enjoyment.

Scan and download BenQ Smart Control app to instantly turn your smartphone into a remote control. Freely navigate smart apps from your hand and never worry about where to find the remote control for your projector.

Smart Portable Personal Projector

BenQ GS2 Wireless LED Outdoor Projector


BenQ GS2 Portable Outdoor Smart Wireless Projector

There's been growing interest in compact lifestyle projectors designed to mate with mobile devices and share bigscreen, communal images in unexpected places. BenQ's new GS2 is sure to capture attention with its cute, cubic form factor and well thought out features, including WiFi for integrated streaming and connectivity from iOS and Android devices, Bluetooth (for transmitting or receiving to the built-in speaker), easy setup with auto-focus and auto-keystone, a built-in camera, and a rubber-clad, unibody cabinet that's drop-proof from 1.6 feet and IPX2-certified splash-proof against light rain or spills. The GS2 should make a great companion for watching movies on a camping trip or sharing the day's GoPro footage with friends.

Target Markets: Consumer Home Theater/Entertainment Price: $599

The newly released BenQ GS2 makes your outdoor activities more enjoyable. Ready for environmental changes, GS2 will keep your family and friends happy. Whether in your backyard or in the woods, GS2 provides versatile entertainment anytime, anywhere.

With simple cast and play, GS2 satisfies your outdoor fun by offering audio as well as visual entertainment. All of your family members can enjoy their favorite content to their heart’s desire.

What’re the ideal specs for an outdoor projector?
  • A portable size, easy to store and use. Use it wherever you want.
  • Adjustable hinge.
  • Easily project it from your phone.
  • Play any content via your most-used mobile devices wirelessly.
  • Splash-proof and drop-proof.

GS2 has a USB-CTM DisplayPort that supports both Power Supply* and DisplayPort. USB-C is becoming the standard for smart phones, tablets, and laptops and will replace HDMI and USB micro B in the near future.

The unibody structure & rubber surface design makes GS2 a robust companion for outdoor activities. Also, GS2 is IPX2-certified against light drizzle and water spills for outside peace of mind.


Smart Wireless Business Projector

2019 Best of the Year BenQ EH600 Updates


BenQ EH600 Android Smart Projector

After its introduction last fall, ProjectorCentral awarded the EH600 Best of the Year honors thanks to its groundbreaking inclusion of an on-board Android computer that lets it run various embedded apps—including a timely video-conferencing app—and browse the web without an attached PC. We honor it here with a Projection Expo Best of Show to reshine the spotlight on this innovative and affordable projector and call attention to new firmware pending for July 1, which adds AMS (Account Management System) software to allow secure access to content from cloud storage drives—providing a critical level of safety for IT managers.

Target Markets: Conference Rooms, Classrooms Price: $999

Launched in Sep’19 with Best of the Year award, BenQ EH600, the world’s first Android-based wireless business projector, now brings the way people have meetings beyond BYOD. Now with the latest OTA firmware (Release Date: 7/1/2020), EH600 now is equipped with AMS (Account Management System) that provides the on-screen QR code or manual log-in to access your personal cloud storage and preference settings in a more secure way.

Additionally, the new firmware makes EH600 smarter with the X-Sign Broadcasting System, a wireless system that gets important messages where they need to go without disrupting attendees; the IT administrators can pre-schedule messages or send immediate announcements, either to individual meeting room, or to every meeting room throughout the building.

Last but not least, the built-in video conferencing app has been used more and more often during the transformation in each of the top corporations around the world.

There are many more ways that you can leverage this smart wireless projector in your daily business life in the offices, meeting rooms or at home. Contact us if any questions or ask for a demo now!