• NEW! Introducing the All-New Acumen™

    Our most flexible surface mounted projection screen yet

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  • Take your projection to the next level with TecVision®

    8K ready, ISF-certified

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  • The Draper® Experience

    Focused on innovative solutions

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Introducing the All-New Acumen™

Our most versatile surface mounted projection screen yet


Draper Acumen Surface-Mount Retractable Screens

Before designing its new line of surface-mount, roll-up screens, Draper listened to the market and saw three key demands: for flexibility in screen materials to accommodate different lighting conditions, for motorized options that don't require nearby power, and for ever-increasing size. Acumen hits all the buttons, accommodating all of the company's free-hanging and tab-tensioned materials (including its premium TecVision line of traditional and ALR surfaces), providing motorized options that include a battery-rechargeable version that goes 500 cycles between charges, and hitting screen sizes up to 18 feet wide. The simple but elegant, durable extruded aluminum casing was also designed with ease of installation and access for maintenance in mind.

Target Markets: classrooms, higher ed/large venue, corporate, conference rooms, telemedicine, hospitality, worship, museum/exhibit, home theater

Projection technology has improved drastically so it can be successful in more conditions than ever before. Along with that has come a need in the market for a surface mounted screen that offers larger sizes and still looks elegant below the ceiling.

That’s why the new Acumen™ from Draper® was designed for a combination of maximum versatility and elegance.

All Draper free-hanging and tab-tensioned viewing surfaces including TecVision® are available with the Acumen, so you can enhance contrast, brighten the image, or reject ambient light depending on room and lighting conditions.

The Acumen's elegant extruded aluminum housing has a removable fascia for installation and service access. Stunning white powder coated finish complements any room design.

The Acumen is available up to 18 feet wide and with a variety of motor options. The optional rechargeable battery motor goes up to 500 cycles between charges, in sizes to 10’ wide. It is also available as a manual screen.

Floating mounting brackets allow quick and easy installation no matter where the wall studs or ceiling supports are.

The Acumen comes with an extended 7-year warranty-it’s that good! The Acumen will begin shipping in August 2020.

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Take your projection to the next level with TecVision®

8K ready, ISF-certified

TecVision® is a range of premium projection surfaces formulated in-house at Draper® and manufactured in our facility to exacting standards for unparalleled performance and quality. No matter what the conditions—ambient light, short throw, wide angles—there’s a TecVision™ projection formulation to fit.

We constantly monitor every step in the manufacturing process to ensure that TecVision® surfaces remain within strict tolerances and have the highest projected image quality possible. That is why all TecVision® surfaces are ISF certified for color accuracy.

All TecVision® surfaces are engineered for high contrast, precise resolution, color accuracy and the broadest possible viewing cone.

For projection surface offering superior quality, consistency, and uniformity, look no further than TecVision.

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The Draper® Experience

Focused on innovative solutions

Image display technology is a fast-evolving segment. Our 115 years of experience has given us the tools to develop solutions for today and look ahead at what solutions will be needed. We foresaw the need to install and wire a recessed screen case ahead of time and keep the increasingly important viewing surface safe and clean for later installation and patented the Access concept. We aren’t just designing your dreams. We’re designing the future.

Our highly-trained employees and hi-tech equipment produce high-quality and high-performing solutions. Our 700+ employees bring 8,000 years of collective experience to every project.

What does our hometown have to do with your project? While many of our competitors have moved production to other countries, our commitment to and investment in our local community remains strong. We’ve been located in Spiceland, Indiana, since we first opened our doors in 1902. Our domestic production ensures high quality and shorter lead times.

Core, Advanced, and Tailored Solutions

Draper is committed to helping you achieve your vision. Whether you need AV, solar control, or gymnasium equipment, we provide solutions in three categories designed to fit any need. We are focused on quality, on-time delivery, and elevated ROI.


Core products are standard products are easy to order and deliver quickly available on a short turnaround time. They provide a quick and easy way to solve almost any need.


Advanced solutions take core concepts a step further, involving a broad spectrum of options for design, accessories, and functionality, including finish color, a choice of hundreds of fabrics, hardware options, and dimensions.


Tailored solutions allow us to partner with you to find your perfect fit-even if it is a one-of-a-kind project. Our in-house project management team provides design, engineering, custom manufacturing, and commissioning. We also offer site support including installation assistance.

Check out our animated video that illustrates these key concepts

Take your projection to new heights with our projector lifts!

Conceal your valuable projector when not in use

Cramped spaces, high or angled ceilings, big projectors, obstructions—every installation challenge you face requires a certain type of solution. Draper boasts the widest range of projector lifts in the industry. We also provide lifts for other types of AV equipment, including displays, projection screens, and cameras.

When you see the UL logo on a product, then you know it’s as safe and trustworthy as possible. Draper has an industry-leading six projector lifts that are UL-certified, including five that are certified to the latest UL standards—UL 2442 and Canada UL Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 60065-03. A patented third scissor makes our Micro Projector Lift and Scissor Lift the most stable projector lifts available.