VAVA 4K Ultra-Short Throw Laser Projector


VAVA 4K UST Laser Smart TV Projector

The latest class of ultra-short-throw laser projectors designed to replace a traditional panel TV stands to expose the joys of 100-inch-plus bigscreen images to a vast audience of new consumers. VAVA's 4K UST Laser Smart TV Projector was both an early entry in the new wave of products and is still the most affordable. With its classy good looks, excellent on-board sound system, and punchy picture that stands up well to ambient light, it is poised to remain a significant contributor to the growth of this emerging category.

Target Markets: consumer home theater/entertainment Price: $2,799

Bigger Projection with Shorter Distance

Who says a projector has to sit in the back of the room?

VAVA has an extraordinary ability to achieve ultra-short throw with an unrivaled 0.233 throw ratio. This means that you can place the projector a mere 7’’ away from your wall (screen) and enjoy a 100’’ image. And if that’s not enough, try moving back a few inches to experience a 150” private home theater.

With the projector placed against the wall, you’ll have more than enough room for people to walk around without disrupting the light source. So, for the kids out there, play wherever, whenever!

Premium Picture and Sound Quality in a Box

If you’ve done your homework on using a projector as a TV, then this question may have already come to mind– “how does this projector perform with normal room light settings?”

Luckily for you, this is one of the first things that VAVA took into consideration when designing the 4K UST projector. Built using lasers as its light source, this premier system is capable of beaming 6,000 lumens to achieve perfect projection quality. Enjoy unrestricted access to use it anytime of the day without having to go through the trouble of shutting the blinds. While dimming the lights may offer a better experience for some, you can trust there are no additional steps required when using the VAVA 4K UST projector as your regular TV.

As an added touch, we made sure to include a built-in Harman Kardon speaker with Dolby audio. So, even if you don’t have a full-blown stereo system, you can still experience theatre level sound.

Affordable Pricing With the Option for 0% Apr Financing

We’ve made it our mission to offer you a quality level experience that won’t compromise your budget. That’s why the VAVA 4K projector is competitively priced at $2,799 – far below industry standard, and way above industry quality. You also have the option to secure 0% APR financing, so you can enjoy a private home cinema for just $130 per month.

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From the Experts

The Wall Street Journal
"The VAVA 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector will fire up a 150- inch, 6,000 lumens, 4K image while sitting just a few inches from the wall. Plus, it has three fans for temperature control and offers Netflix and other streaming apps for download."
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AVS Forum
"Vava’s 4K Laser UST projector – $2799.99 on Amazon – has changed my view on projection and fully replaced in my living room. If you crave a bigger picture, be it for TV, sports, gaming or movies, take a serious look at replacing your TV with a UST projection system."
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"Named the easiest setup projector. Coupled with the fact that it has a built-in Harman Kardon soundbar, it's easily the fastest projector I've ever set up from box to Netflix."
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"Named the best overall projector of 2020. The Vava laser projector gives you the ultimate home theater experience."
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From Our Users

“So I just got the Vava yesterday this thing is great the build quality is awesome and the picture quality is ridiculous with the Apple TV I love it recommended to anyone that wants to get a projector.” — Brad Smith from Massachusetts

“One Word: Amazing!!!!!! Thank you, VAVA.” — Oun Khamnouane from Washington

"Playing some Pokemon on the projector!! I think it looks amazing.” — Dennis “dj” Webb from Alabama

“Well! Now that all crowd based events are now cancelled, I’m sure movie theaters will be closing to the public next... Thank you VAVA for bringing the movie experience home to us instead! Those who didn’t order their VAVA projector in time... shame shame shame!!!” — Justin Hilliard from Idaho

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