When to Use a Projection Port Window

Create a more enjoyable viewing experience by isolating your projector and eliminating the noise it makes. We offer custom sizing, different glazing options and the quickest turnaround. Our frames are built to spec in our factory located in southern California and shipped all over the world!

Custom sizes for custom projects

Glazing Options

Sound Attenuating Frame Design

OptiClear Anti-Reflective Glass

True Optical Performance

One of the most important things to complement your high-performance projector is the glass you put in front of it. By using OptiClear Anti Reflective glass, you are maintaining the highest possible level of image quality while isolating sound for a more enjoyable viewing experience. This is the same glass used across the world in all major commercial cinemas and production studios, now available for your home. 


Get in Touch

Not all projects require isolating the projector. When you have a project that can use any type of projection port, please get in touch and see why we are the “go to” solution. Contact us today for design assistance, questions or to place an order.