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Mitsubishi HC900U vs. Studio Experience Premier 30HD

Bill Livolsi, June 29, 2005
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In scheduling this review, we did not expect to find two very different projectors, each suited to entirely different conditions; however, this is what we found.

The Studio Experience Premier 30HD is a solid performer with video, and even does a great job with NTSC video, which is unusual in a projector built for optimum PAL/SECAM display. If you plan to buy a projector primarily for standard definition and HD video, and have a dedicated, light-controlled viewing room, the 30HD is an excellent choice. The 30HD puts out an impressive amount of light when video optimized, but not enough to overcome moderate to severe ambient lighting concerns. And it is best suited to rear shelf mounting, as its lens shift range would make coffee table or ceiling mounting difficult.

The Mitsubishi HC900U is an excellent choice for those who wish to do more than just watch DVD and HDTV. Its impressively high lumen output can easily handle data, Xbox gaming, and even casual television viewing when ambient light is present. Due to the fixed upward throw angle, the HC900 is well suited for coffee table or ceiling mounting, which gives you the option of a casual set-up for weekend DVD watching or xbox gaming, or a more advanced permanent setup on your ceiling.

When choosing a projector, image quality is important, but it is not the only important factor to take into account. Your expected typical usage, viewing material, and room constraints must be considered in the selection. The HC900 and 30HD are both impressive projectors overall and they share a few common characteristics. But they are each distinctive in design and thus appropriate for different types of home entertainment use.

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