My Sanyo PLV-Z1 Master Bedroom Home Theater
by Anthony Arrigo

Total cost of this home theater was around $1900 dollars. The projector is a Sanyo PLV-Z1 with 700 lumens. Not enough light for daytime viewing unless I have the blinds completely drawn, but at night it works great.

The distance from projector to screen is about 15 feet so pixels are hardly noticeable.

My goal was to have a large screen home theater without having it appear that it was the theme of the room when not in use. I achieved that by using a Da-Lite Model C pull down with matte white screen. The Matte white screen allowed the Sanyo Z1 with low lumens to be a little brighter and not so dark. I found the high contrast screens to not work well with the lower lumen projectors.

Master Bedroom Theater

The video source comes from a Pioneer 5 disc DVD player with progressive scan. I am also using s-video for cabeling.

Sound was a real issue in this situation because it is a townhouse with neighboring master bedrooms on either side. To keep sound and budget low, yet still have impact I ran the sound from the DVD player into my PC and out to a $40.00 set of creative lab speakers. For the size room, the sound is excellent. Have received lots of feedback from friends that it works perfectly for the room.

I think in the end the only aspects I would want to change would be running the wiring to the projector inside the wall. It would have a much cleaner look. The screen is a pull down so the glass closet doors are easily accessible by just simply retracting the screen. The whole system is virtually invisible when not in use since the projector mount comes down in seconds and a picture can be placed over the shelf hardware.

All in all it was a fun project that produced a very entertaining home theater system at a rock bottom price.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Sanyo PLV-Z1 projector page.