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My BenQ PE5120 Home Theater
by Mario Olmillo

I'm an expatriate working in Riyadh, KSA. We usually rent flats with 3 rooms. Utilized our 4mx5m cell to fit everything from bed to home entertainment systems. My Audio/Video System grows, which started during the early 90's. My first PJ (Sony CPJ-100) is still with me, and the difference is huge compared to PJ nowadays. My HT setup is budgeted, and have researched on a particular PJ which I considered "Best Buy In Its Class" with native widescreen format. I use the front wall as my screen, and learned a lot from (, painted it Acrylic Flat White.

Make use of foam board, cut it to six equal sizes of (7cm x 100cm) as black borders for the screen, then use brown (wood color) wallpaper fixes, for background. Maximized projecting distance of 3 meters creates 73" diagonal, like a big plasma TV. On the opposite side is the chosen projector >> Benq PE5120 sitting on an improvised shelf made of big chopping board and L-shelf mounting and is located above my bed, just enough head clearance while I'm sitting, and centrally positioning myself according to the lens. Later I would opt for reclining chair for an appropriate viewing comfort. However, it resulted to tilting the PJ downwards about 8 degrees due to its high throw screen distance, and adjusted the keystone a bit (manually).

For best image reproduction I use Component Cables (RGB-75ohms) 10m. DVD films vary in sizes even widescreen, and is subjected to real aspect ratio automatic from the PJ (sample shots). Below the screen is Sony 25" TV which I used for comparison/evaluation to optimize picture quality of PJ (brightness, contrast, color... etc). Blockbuster movies are a pleasure to see in Widescreen (16:9) format, another advantage of this PJ is Contrast Ratio for added depth/realism. DVD Concert is a twofold enjoyment, Audio as well as Video.

HT entertainment is a necessary expenditure for an "expat" like us, away from home, reality really bites. After a days worth of work, we all need some form of relaxation, and I also love music. Thanks to ProjectorCentral, ProjectorReviews, HomeTheaterSpot & for my added knowledge in selecting what's best for me (preference). Happiness is a choice. Have a nice day. God Bless.

Equipment in Use :

Projector : Benq PE5120

Screen : Wall utilized with Acrylic Flat White paint,

Borders from foam board, and wallpaper fixes

Television set : Sony 25" TV

Video Processor : Sony EP9ES

3 Integrated Amps : Musical Fidelity A300 (Front) (Stereo use)

2 Marantz 44SE (Center & Rear)

Front speakers : Sonus Faber Concerto (Stereo use)

Centre speakers : Tannoy MX1

Rear speakers : Klipsh Tangent1

Sub-Woofer : REL Storm3