My BenQ PE8700 Home Theater
by Charles Sipos

It is finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Projector BenQ 8700- $4,999
  • DVD; Kenwood Sovereign 403 discs $799
  • Receiver; Kenwood Sovereign Ultra THX $1,800
  • Entrée; entertainment hub $1,200
  • Jamo speakers 5.1 $1,600
  • Screen; VuTec $700
  • HD receiver; $399

The whole project took 9 months (see the pictures why). I am extremely happy with this system, picture quality is perfect even when it is not in HD. We watch lots of TV on it and we are extremely happy with everything. The screen is 110'' the projector is mounted on the ceiling. The room is not just a home theater it is an entertainment room too. The size of the room is 25'X24'