My Epson Powerlite S1 Home Theater
by S.T.

After seeing many model homes in my area with home theaters I decided I wanted one. The only thing stopping me was the cost. This option cost about $20,000 dollars from the builder.

Well where there is Ebay there's a way. About $3500 dollars later I had what I feel is a theater room just as good as the builders. I used an Epson S1 projector, Onkyo receiver.

Zenith Dvb318 DVD player that up coverts DVD's to 1080i I even got my theater seats offline.

The posters and other decor items I have picked up at yard sales or friends. Now the theater room is one the most used rooms in the house. My wife and I just took our four children to the movies and between the tickets and the food in cost about $80.00 for one movie. The way I figure it if we watch three or four movies a week I should recoup my investment in about a year!