My InFocus Screenplay 4800 Home Theater
by Jim Hilty

We have a large room above our garage and decided to add a home theater set up in part of the room. After researching front projectors I decided on the Screenplay 4800. I found the articles and reviews on projector central to be very helpful and informative. After deciding on the distance from the projector to the screen, I built a 92 inch diagonal 16:9 screen from screen material with a gain of 1 and a wood frame covered with felt fabric.

The projector is placed on a table which enables us to put it away in a cabinet when not in use. This also minimized any disruption that mounting the projector on the ceiling would have caused, since the room was already finished. I kept the 30" Philips widescreen tv in the room for everyday TV viewing.

The surround sound system is the Sony HT-DDW660 which is a very good system for the price. The DVD player is a Toshiba SD-3960SU.

There are a few windows in the room so my wife made curtains with a light blocking background which enables us to control the ambient light in the room.

I located some used theater seats on the internet and built a riser out of framing lumber and osb ( oriented strand board). Thus, I now have 3 "stadium seats" that at one time were actually in a movie theater somewhere.

The quality of the picture and sound are better than most movie theaters and my friends and relatives are impressed. My daughters have their friends over all of the time to watch movies. Our setup also allows the room to function as a "normal" family room.

Approx. cost:

  • Projector $1100
  • Sony Surround System $200
  • Screen $200
  • Movie seats and riser $500
  • DVD Player $70

For the cost, very budget minded, the quality is exceptional.