My InFocus Screenplay 4805 Home Theatre
by Keith & Anna

Hello from Australia,

In planning our new home here in tropical Cairns in Qld Australia we drew many different layouts and finally came up with one that gave us normal TV and front projection as well. The room is 6m x 4.5m (about 18' x 14') so we put in a false wall and inset .6m x 2.4m into that, the 16.9 (96") screen barrel is attached to an overhead bulkhead of .4m and the screen comes down in front of the CRT screen. We sit 4.5m from screen and Pj is mounted 4m from it. We like our 4805 so much we don't bother using the CRT TV very often.

  • Equipment: Infocus 4805 Pj
  • Screentechnics (chain pull) screen
  • Yamaha RX-V750 Amp
  • Sony Carousel 5 disk DVD player
  • Opentel twin tuner 80gb STB
  • Pure Acoustic USA speakers & sub
  • Remote: Harmony 680