My InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 Home theater
by Dylan Kahle

I've spent countless hours on ProjectorCentral looking at reviews and other HT setups. Thought I'd share mine!

This setup took over one of my 3 living rooms so ambient light was a fairly large problem. I purchased some blackout fabric from a local fabric store and covered the large bay window and the open side of the room with a couple yards and some Black sheer curtains. With a couple hours and a staple gun I covered the walls and ceiling with more sheer curtain.

I found the black curtains helped a lot with catching stray light and giving the theater an overall feeling of the real thing.

The lights along with the 3 level touch dimmer I found at Home Depot for under $40. The dimmer is mounted next to one of the cup holders for easy access.

My screen is just my plain wall with a border of 2.5 inch ribbon around it. Someday I may invest in a fabric screen, but for now the wall works great!

Cost breakdown;

* Electronics

Infocus 4805 - $1000

Yamaha 5.1 Surround Sound - $550

PlayStation 2 - $125

'Hockey Puck' Lights - $20

-3 Level touch dimmer - $18

* Seating

Ashley Home Theater Seating - $1200

Name Brand Couch - $500

* Other

(15) 59X84 Black Sheer curtains - $60

9 Yards Blackout fabric - $55

20 Yards 2.5inch Black Ribbon - $16

Center speaker floating shelf - $8

Total - $3552