My InFocus X1 Home Theater
by Bob Englehart

After moving into our new home I started to build a HT room in the Basement, the room is 20' by 14'. The project took 7 weeks at a total cost of close to $4000.

1. Projector - $1000

2. Room walls and doors - $600

3. Ceiling - $300

4. Wiring and lights - $300

5. Carpet - $600

6. Furniture - $800

7. Screen - $100

8. Projector mount - $50

9. Misc - $100

Note. I used my old audio and video equipment.

The equipment is nothing fancy but it sounds great. A JCV 6000V receiver , the DVD player is a Sony725P and the VCR is a JVC SVHS unit. The speakers are KLH with 2 powered subwoofers one is a 250 watt 15" and one is a 200 watt 12". The projector is the infocus X1 projecting onto a 122" Diag screen I got on Ebay. The picture and sound quality are excellent. The project was easy and now that it's done we use it all the time. And we save at least $50 each time we use it over going out to the movies. I am now helping 2 of my friends build HT rooms. Everyone who sees it wants one. We love it.