My InFocus X1 Home Theater
by RM Toberman

I have had this system installed for around a year now and the system continues to amaze people who have never seen anything bigger than a 60" rear projections system. I have an Infocus X1 with a 4:3 150" diagonal Dalite Perm-Wall with the Perlescent screen. I have nine Lazy Boy Matinee theater seats in red fabric.

The two in front have the love seat configuration with Tempur-Pedic seat cushions (a $40 option from Lazy-Bay). I have a Polk speaker system with Kenwood Dolby Digital 5.1 receiver. I have component and S-video cables running 25 feet to the receiver and tuner. I just got Adelphia cable with HDTV. I have 9 channels of HDTV and they look incredible. The one nuisance I did notice with HDTV is that when flipping channels, when you go from the nine HDTV channels to the 300+ regular channels, the screen goes blank and the picture takes a while to transition from 1080i to 480i.