My Optoma H31 Home theater
by Chand Patel

Thanks for providing excellent information and recommendation for projectors! After reading review on your site I bought projector, etc and make successful Theater!

Well, I don't have picture of process of finishing room for HT. So I describe here how I made it:

My Media room is on top of the two car garage, size 14' x 20', with slop ceiling. Center of ceiling is 9' high and at wall 4.5' high. One 5'x6' window is on front wall, where I hang the manual pull down 92" Optoma grey wolf screen. I painted ceiling with midnight blue and sidewalls and back wall with burgundy color. Front wall, where screen is located, is painted black. All color is ‘Flat' (no gloss).

To use window while I am not watching movie, I use pull down screen and to make room complete dark during full sunny day, I use BlackOut curtain (blind) material bought from Jo-ann store.

I hang my Optoma H31 projector using supplied ceiling mount about 11' from screen. To bring more theater look, I fix nice valance 1' away from screen. And hang two puppets next to screen.

Audio rack is also home made with oak ply and mahogany finish.

My System: Optoma H31 projector with Optoma grey wolf 92" 16x9 screen and ceiling mount.

Monster 4-meter component video cable.

H/K AVR320 receiver (65x2, 55x5)

Panasonic 5 disc DVD/CD player

Sony Tape deck

Klipsch Synergy 6 speakers with JBL E250P 12" subwoofer. (Recently I turn two main speakers facing wall that brings reflected sound and improve sound stage and give feeling that sound is coming from behind the screen – like Movie Theater.)

Here are some of pictures of my Theater: