My Optoma H78DC3 Home theater
by Steve Boehle

Hello HT'ers.......This my first home theater I have done and could not have done it without all the info I got from Projector Central. THANKS!!!!!

I enclosed my garage which gave me a room of app. 400 sq ft. which is perfect because it allows me extra room to bring in more seating for sports events.

I have 2 rows of reclining seats and built a 8" riser for the back row. I think I should have went with 10" because if the front row has a tall adult in it that is not reclining, you get a head shot in the lower section of the screen.

The following is what I used with app. pricing I paid:

1. Optoma H78DC3 projector, $3799.00

2. Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX, THX 7.1 surround AV receiver $600.00

3. 119" Da-lite Cinema Contour, High Contrast Cinema Vision screen $1200.00

4. DCM surround sound speakers (existing speakers, will upgrade later) N/A

5. Levitz leather theater seating x 6 $3200.00

6. OPPO OPDV971H 720p/1080i DVD player $199.00

7. DVI Gear, DVI switch box $249.00

8. Scientific Atlanta HD cable box (provided by cable company) N/A

9. Logitech Harmony 688 all in one remote. (This is really cool. 1 button $175.00 turns on the whole system, including the fireplace or A/C, and is all custom programmed over the internet.)

Purchased everything except the seats on the internet

I hooked up my projector through the DVI switch box so I can switch between the DVD player and the HD cable box and still use the DVI input of the projector. I ran a 35' high quality cable through the attic and have had no signal problems.

The high definition cable channels look incredible, as do the movies from DVD.

The Optoma projector ran great right out of the box. I set it up with AVIA calibration DVD and only had to tweak the brightness, everything else was perfect.