My Panasonic PT-AE700U Home theater
by Brad & Ellen Westcott

Overall view of the family room\home theater from the kitchen at the rear of the room with Klipsch Flagship Reference Speakers all the way around. RF7 towers, RC7 center channel, RSW15 subwoofer, and RS7's for rear surround sound.

View of the family room\home theater from the upstairs balcony. We use the Sony Wega (KV-27FS210) for standard definition programming.

Picture of your HD Panasonic AE700U front projector.

Picture of the Denon 3805 Receiver, Denon 910 DVD Player, and the Hughes H10 DBS HD Satellite Receiver. The Klipsch speakers are very efficient designs so a receiver that has a VERY low distortion level is imperative for best possible sound.

This photo shows the Audio\Video credenza with one of the racks pulled out and rotated. This unit provides easy access to the components for wiring and maintenance. A Kenwood CD player (DP-M97) and a Proscan VCR (PSVR71) are also used.

Due to the 18' ceilings and the multiple hard to reach windows, hurricane shutters and custom black out drapes were installed to control lighting. The best tip I could give someone looking to use a front projector is to put money in your budget for light control. This solution provided light control yet did not hide the architectural detail of the windows.

Same view as previous picture with Hurricane shutters partially open. They are on RF remotes for easy control of room lighting.

View of the rear of the room looking into the kitchen and the upstairs balcony.

This is a picture of the 100" diagonal Carada Brilliant White Criterion Frame and screen with a 1.4 gain.

What I like most about our system is that it still looks like a family room and yet makes few compromises in audio or video quality. We are very proud of the fact that no wires are visible. They were all run under the Vermont Maple floors in channels cut in the concrete foundation. A very cost effective and elegant solution. My wife and I did all the work including laying the floors, painting, texturing, drywall, wiring, electrical, lighting, and hardware selection. A Harmony 688 is used so my wife can easily operate the system without my help. A Next Generation RF system is also used so the Harmony remote works anywhere on the property, inside or out. All components were chosen for quality without spending too much on incremental improvements in sound and video quality.

The projector is LCD because both my wife and I suffer from the rainbow effects of DLP, as well as headaches and motion sickness.