My Panasonic PT-L300U Home Theater
by Michael Rudick

Room Construction

If there are three words of advice – it would be plan, plan, plan…

My home theater project timeline was spread over about 10 total months. I performed almost all the work myself, including framing, drywall, power and light installation, painting and decorating, audio and video cable installation and termination, system hookup and calibration. I did solicit help from a friend for hanging the actual pieces of drywall and the carpet was professionally installed.

The room used is a 12 by 22 foot room with a 7.5 foot dropped ceiling located in the basement of my home. Originally, the room was finished with cheap wood paneling, no insulation, no vapor barrier, and poor 120V AC power wiring. All was corrected during the project.

Painstaking efforts were made to route the speaker, interconnect, and video cables far away from any power equipment and cabling. All A/V cables were ran with the intention to NOT use any wall plate terminations. All cables go directly from the source, into the wall, out of the wall, then into the destination equipment without any breaks in shielding, or other points of failure.

I completed the drywall using the help of a friend to hang the pieces of sheetrock. All taping, mudding, sanding, sealing, and painting was completed solo.

The walls were painted a deep red color, its called "Blaze", but I liken it more to a medium blood color. The ceiling tiles and grid, as well as all trim work and wall plates, were painted a deep dark chocolate color. I chose a Berber type carpet that is a bit light, but has accents of some red and brown; this really complements the color on the walls and ceiling. The end result is a very classy look.

My seating arrangement is a brown leather love-seat and sofa trimmed with gold colored furniture nails. The room was finished out with golden colored panel drapes and scarves just to add some texture and a touch of elegance.


• Anthem AVM20 preamp/processor

• Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5 channel amp (4 surrounds and 1 sub)

• Earthquake Cinenova Grande 3 channel amp (left, center, right)

• Denon DVD-2900 Universal DVD / DVD-A / SACD / CD Player

• Microsoft X-BOX

• Paradigm Reference 40 v2 (mains)

• Paradigm Reference CC v2(center)

• Paradigm Reference ADP v2 (side surrounds)

• Paradigm Reference 20 v2 in a custom sealed enclosure (rear surrounds)

• ACI Titan II 12" sub, 250 watt amp (front sub)

• Vance Dickason/Dayton DIY 10", 250 watt amp sub (side sub)

• 12" Dayton Titanic, custom cherry wood veneer sealed enclosure powered by 1 channel of the Cinenova Grande 5 channel amp (600 watts into 4 ohms) (rear sub)

• Panasonic PT-L300U LCD Projector

• Stewart Filmscreen 92" 16:9 Firehawk screen w/ Ve-Lux frame


• Belden 89259 coax w/ Cardas SLVR RCAs for all audio interconnect, including subwoofer ICs.

• Belden 1694A coax with Canare RCAs for Component video cable

• Belden 1808A Brilliance S-video cable with Calrad S-video plug

• Dayton Fiber Optic Cable

• Carol 14 gauge silver plated copper, bi-wire runs for mains and center.

• JSP 14 gauge 4 conductor wire for all surrounds and custom 12" subwoofer


• Custom rack constructed out of sandwiched birched and MDF

• Recoton IR repeater system

• Lutron IR wireless light dimmers

The Outcome

You would not believe the sound the Anthem and Earthquake front-end produce. Every nuance of music and movies come out loud and clear with striking detail.

The Panasonic Projector puts out a beautiful image that is completely free of the screen door effect. I site about 11 feet from the screen and there is no, I mean no screen door effect. Colors are dazzling; contrast and shadow detail are quite impressive. I am using the internal de-interlacer of the Denon DVD as I seem to get a better picture.

Thanks to Projector Central I feel I made a wise choice on the projector and screen. Your website helped me determine the best screen size and was a vital source of information relating to throw distances, fan noise, other considerations and, of course, the great reviews. Many thanks.