My Runco CL710 Home Theater
by Michael Bank

I have recently completed my Home Theater in the basement of my home and am very happy with the result.

As many home theater builders\technicians seen on your website, I started my research with Projector Central. I found it essential in making my decisions as I was new to this field. Thank you very much for all the information. Once, I completed my research and picked the components I was going to use I, very enthusiastically, began construction in my basement. As you can see in the pictures, it was a long somewhat narrow 32'x11' with white walls, windows and sliders, and a 10' ceiling that was uneven because of the air conditioning duct work. All this needed to change.

First I put in a new ceiling, which made it one level, would look better with my lighting scheme, and covered one of the windows. I also, added small bump outs which separated my basement into two living spaces. One untouched and one dedicated to the theater 19' x 11'. All of the framing was done using metal studs to make things lighter and easier. I then proceeded to install the recessed lights and extra thick insulation into the new ceiling structure before closing it up with drywall. Next, I built and installed the equipment rack and ran all of the audio and video cables. Now it was time to install the drywall. Something I was not looking forward to as this was the first time I have ever done this. However, it came out good. Once the drywall was installed and plastered, I proceeded to paint and trim the room with moldings.

Finally, the home theater chairs went in and we were ready to enjoy the show. This was great but I was not done yet. I found a program on the internet that allows me to build a movie database server, for relatively little money, and have it control my DVD changer. Thus, when I want to watch a movie, I look through the very friendly graphical user interface (as seen in the picture showing the Rocky DVD cover art), pick out the movie I want to see by clicking on it with my mouse, the server loads it on the DVD changer, and starts playing it. Everything is seamless.

The following is my equipment list:

· Runco CL710 HD Projector

· Stewart Firehawk 110" screen

· Demon 4802 Receiver

· Sony 777ES DVD changer

· Paradigm Studio100 front speakers

· Paradigm center channel speaker

· Paradigm DVP470 surround speakers

· Paradigm Servo 15 Subwoofer

· Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables (front)

· Analysis Plus cables (surrounds)

· Monster component and DVI cables for video

· Lane Home Theater loungers