My Sanyo PLV-Z2 Home Theater
by Brian Hunter

In September 2004 I decided to transform my basement into a home theater by installing an LCD projector that could display both DVD's and High Definition television. My goal was to complete the project in time to host a Superbowl party. I spent countless hours planning and actually working on the project. I completed all of the construction work myself, including framing, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, painting and of course the installation of all the theater and audio equipment. I made a 92" 16x9 screen from sheetrock, wood, black fabric (wrapped around the frame) and Goo Systems Screen Goo (Digital Grey) on the surface. The screen quality is excellent. I highly recommend making your own screen if you are handy enough to do so. I installed JBL in-wall/inceiling speakers complemented by a JBL 150 watt subwoofer.

I researched the projector purchase for months and finally decided on the Sanyo PLVZ2. I constructed a beam across the ceiling to separate the two rooms and made a custom mount for the projector. The theater room dimensions are 11'6" by 13'6'. I completed my project on time at a cost of just under $10,000.00 although that also includes an adjoining home office and the bar area. Friends and family are stunned by the projector picture quality and the sound system. was extremely helpful in helping me with this project. I would not have attempted it without the valuable research I found through I have a list of friends that want me to construct similar rooms in their basements. Thank you very much for making this project a great success.


Brian D Hunter


Equipment List

1. Sanyo PLV-Z2 Projector

2. 3-JBL HTI55 center, front right and left speakers

3. 2-JBL HTI6C rear left and right speakers

4. 1-JBL E150P Subwoofer.

5. Pioneer VSX-D811S 700W receiver

6. Toshiba SD-5970 DVD Player with HD upconversion

7. Hughes Platinum HD DirecTV Receiver