My Sanyo PLV-Z2 Home Theater
by Marlon Freeman

I thought I would add to the list of those who have come before me in the home theater arena.

My equipment includes a Sanyo PLV-Z2 (firmware 1.06), of course, a 106 inch Da-Lite HCCV Permwall screen, Denon AVR-2803 Receiver, Mirage Omnisat 5.1 speakers, and Sony DVD and VCR. I plan to upgrade to a progressive scan DVD and SVHS in the future. I also have 6 Berkline 099 theater seats.

My costs incurred are as follows:

Receiver and speakers = 2100.00
PLV-Z2 and screen = 2600.00
DVD and VCR = 500.00 (at time of purchase - about 4 years ago)
Theater seats = 1900.00 (roughly 300.00 each)

I really enjoy my theater, and am extremely impressed with the Z2. Rich colors, great contrast and blacks. I would however consider sampling a Vutec Silverstar for the punchy look. Although, the Z2 puts out plenty of light for a basement HT, even in low lamp mode. The fan on this thing is extremely quiet. I can't hear it, even if I try to in quiet scenes.

If I could change anything, I would probably change to a motorized screen, for kicks, but I am extremely happy with my setup. I will soon add a motorized curtain, and a DIY. 4-way screen masking. If you have any questions you can email me.