My Studio Experience 20HD Home Theater
by BF

Well, I thought after reviewing all of the home projects that I would share mine with you all.

I would have to say that more time went into planning than the actual installation.

The equipment used was a mixture off old and new. The most important piece of course is the projector, so I went a little spendee on this component of the system.

Boxlight 20HD. I must thank Projector Central for all their help and unlimited information.

As you can see I had a few obstacles to work around. Doors on both walls and the room had to be used for more than a dedicated movie room. The screen is a Dalite High contrast 120".

I built enclosures for the front speakers. This enabled me to save floor space and makes for a cleaner installation. If you notice the light valance running around the perimeter of the ceiling. This is low wattage lighting on a dimmer. This also allows me to run all of my cables from the antenna to surround speaker wire and projector connections to the equipment rack.

We use the projector in several ways, I guess it would just be easier if I list the equipment used.

Sony amp
JVC switch box
Samsung ATSC receiver
Sony DVD player
Sony playstation II
Sony VCR
Front surround speakers are Cerwin Vega
Center speaker Yamaha
Rear surround are Polk audio
Sub is 12" powered Infinity

I would have to say the most unbelievable picture is produced using the ATSC receiver watching HD programming, whether its Monday night football or a PBS broadcast. (FANTASTIC). I would encourage anyone thinking of front projection to pursue this technology because it is only getting better. I would say my family and friends are very pleased with this Theater.