My SharpVision XV-12000 Home Theatre
by Donovan Bain

Hi, I have been into home theatre since 1988, way back in the laser disc days (They really sucked). I've picked up some little tricks I'll pass on.

No one seems to talk about room shape when building a home theatre. I know from experience it is one of the most important things to consider. This is the second time I have had a house built for me and my second time at having a purpose built theatre room. So I have learned a few things from my first experience. One of the things I have learned is you really have to consider the room shape. I selected to build a room 17 foot deep by 21 foot wide. It is not normal, it is not square, it is very wide. This has the following advantages:

1. The Projector was installed at the back wall. It is in no ones way and is a long way back from the seating arrangement (which means less noise).

2. It allows for more seating space. I have one row of chairs instead of multiple rows.

3. This is a personal preference; however it also allows the surround speakers in a home theatre environment to be installed nice and wide.

I have had a lot of fun second time round. I think you should add all the mod-cons. Remote control lighting, Macro learning remotes, IR remote pickup and send (So I don't have to aim my remote and the equipment rack) Etc. Just remember it is a HOME theatre not a display room at a store.