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February 13, 2004

Hi folks,

The entry-level market for those who want to spend less than $1500 for their first home theater projector continues to get hotter by the month. We recently reviewed the Epson Home 10, and today we've posted our look at the Hitachi Home-1. This projector is beautifully designed and has a unique feature-set that no other product in its price class offers. Based on the amount of email we've received on this unit, it is not getting the attention it deserves, perhaps because Hitachi is not known for home theater products. Nevertheless, we are getting behind as a Highly Recommended product. Astute buyers will not want to overlook this one.

We move on to another widescreen product currently in the lab and now in review. However its identity will have to remain a secret for the moment, simply because I do not know if it is released yet. But watch this page for an update, and we will tell you about it as soon as I am certain I'm not spilling any beans prematurely. One thing I can say....this baby is really bright. So if you need to put widescreen video on a super large screen, stay tuned. We will have something for you momentarily.

As noted earlier on this page, we have initiated a major screen review that will evaluate relative performance of both white and high contrast (gray) screens from the major suppliers in the market today. All of the products scheduled for review are now in house. This will be a comprehensive multi-product review, so it will take some time to put together. We are expecting to get this done by the end of March. Our objective will be to make it easy for you to evaluate the benefits of each screen product and make informed decisions for your home theater.

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Evan Powell
Las Vegas, NV