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July 11, 2003

Hi folks,

The Epson S1 review has just been posted (see review). Those with a mere $999 in their pockets wanting to get their first projector should check it out.

As far as the saga of the Epson TW100 goes, confusion abounds. Epson assured us this week in no uncertain terms that the TW100 has not been discontinued, rumors to that effect notwithstanding. I reported that to you on this page and I assumed the assurance from Epson was correct. However we have just received a copy of an email sent by Epson management to its dealers last month. That email states that the company has decided to discontinue availability of the TW100. Furthermore it instructs recipients of the email to pull down references to the TW100 from their websites and to discontinue sales/marketing efforts.

Subsequent efforts to seek a definitive statement of fact from Epson have not been fruitful as those capable of speaking with authority are apparently on the road and cannot be contacted. Therefore at this time we do not know the official status of the product. However, all of the dealers who have been advertising the TW100 on our site indicate that they will no longer sell the product once current stock is sold.

Therefore as of today we are removing the Epson TW100 from our list of Highly Recommended Home Theater Projectors. We are also changing the status of the product to "out-of-production" in our database. Should Epson provide us with updated information suggesting either of these actions is premature, we will revisit them as appropriate and update you on this page. Please accept my apology for the confusion.

For those waiting for the Optoma H76 review, we still do not have a review unit from Optoma. HOWEVER....we have high hopes based upon the latest indications from Optoma that we will have one next week.

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Thanks for using ProjectorCentral!

Evan Powell