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July 18, 2003

Hi folks,

Due to TI's recent technology study we've given a lot of attention to LCD and DLP lately. Meanwhile LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon), an awesome technology in its own right, has been ignored somewhat. So to rectify that inequity, we've just posted a commentary on LCOS to put it into better perspective. Two great LCOS-based projector models, the JVC SX21 and the Dukane 9017, happen to be at the top of our Highly Recommended list for a very good reason. This article explains it all.

No news yet from Epson on the mysterious sudden discontinuation of the TW100. However, we are certain this is not the end of the story. As soon as we get some official word from Epson management as to what's going on, we will let you know on this page. Meanwhile, owners of the TW100 should not be concerned about the integrity of their projectors. This situation appears at this time to stem from confusion over distribution strategies rather than any technical problem with the product.

And here is good news many have been waiting for. The Optoma H76 evaluation unit is being shipped today and will arrive on Monday. So timeframe-wise, that means you can expect the review to be completed either by end of next week, or the first part of the following week (barring unanticipated technical difficulties with the unit of course).

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Best regards,

Evan Powell